About Passblitz

Passblitz provides Digital Marketing Solution which are powerful and affordable solution all type of business including restaurants, retails , loyalty program, membership engagement and etc.

By combining this solution with Push update and GPS technology, we can greatly enhance the relationship marketing strategy with strong engagement, location base and time base technology.

We continuously bring cutting edge technology to automate your operation to your business advantages .


Constantly focusing on innovating technology solution that ease human life and environmental friendly to achieve greater goal.


Constantly contribute innovative solution to business partner, empowering partner to move into the fastest and smartest way to target the audience accurately with complete engagement in the entire process.

End to end solution with real time data analysis to learn the know-how to acquire and retain consumers and staying on top in the market.

We Are Green, Get Greener

We provide carbon neutral and paperless technologies that stop destroying our mother earth.

Paperless Office

Paperless Solutions

Carbon neutral communication tools

Carbon neutral hosting

Carbon neutral digital coupon distribution


Why Us?

  • What differentiates us from our competitors
    • We bring latest technology to simplify your business

    • Constantly provides consultation and education to partner, ensure they success in business

    • We focus on technology, leave this challenge to us and you focus on your business

    • We show your integrity and accountability to business partner and grow together

  • Technologies
    • Fast and strong digital distribution channel

    • High intelligent Data Analysis platform

    • Easy management with flexible integration in the Back End to deliver

    • Business Intelligence to achieve "Poka-yoke" and fastest cycle time

Products & Services

Digital Wallet

Wallet application is pre-install Application on your mobile devices.
Unique platform to a brand's apps, as consumers don't want to fill their phones with apps for every different shop.

How's the wallet application helps?

  • Advertising
  • Cash Voucher
  • Gift Card
  • Loyalty Card
  • Movie/ Event Ticket
  • Boarding Pass
  • Digital Booklet Solution


  • SMS Marketing
  • One Time Pin / TAC Code
  • Transactional / Reminder Notification
  • Interactive / 2Ways SMS
  • Location Based SMS
  • HLR & Clearing


Email Marketing , Digital Survey Forms and etc.


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